Classes 2017

Fort Boise Community Center Register for with Boise Parks & Recreation today!

700 Robbins Rd, BoiseID 83702

Call 208 608 7680

Luis de La Tota, Estefanía ‘La Ichi’ and Las Flamenkitas de La Escuela de Ritmo-OLE!

  What People Are Saying About Classes with Escuela De Ritmo Luis De La Tota:

“Luis de la Tota lives and breathes the soniquete of Jerez: He IS the soniquete de Jerez: that unmistakable rhythmic approach from Jerez de la Frontera’s Barrio de Santiago. This man has more aire than anyone. Palmas, Compas, Jaleos: he has it all and more. One of the most charismatic and cool Gitanos de Jerez. TAKE THIS CLASS!!!!” ~Director of the Bay Area Flamenco Festival
“While we are sure that the Flamenco aficionados will know of Luis, we want everyone to understand that Luis IS Flamenco. His lineage, persona, and intensity are pure, un-cut Flamenco. Whether you are curious, or serious about Flamenco, the opportunity to study under a Master such as Luis is a rare opportunity. We feel very proud to offer this opportunity at our Studio.” ~Solo Flamenco Studio, Portland OR

“Hanging out at the Pena Chacon with Luis, you start to realize that this man eats, drinks, lives, breathes flamenco, inventing bulerias letras on the fly about random people that walk into the bar and random situations.  Alas, you realize that he was born with it.” KASANDRA “LA CHINA” Vancouver, BC

“Ole !!!!  I wish I were in Boise!”

Marianna Mejia Flamenco Romantico Studio, Santa Cruz CA

For more info on classes and sign-ups

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