UnDoTre Flamenco Faves #2 Oregon Country Fair’16


If you are in the Boise Area, join us for class every Wednesday 6:30p @ Whitney Community Center, Boise Bench. Classes are presented by Boise Park&Rec with Escuela Flamenca. Taught by Estefania Call 208 608 7680 or follow this link for Info

Shimi Tree @ The Oregon Country Fair July 2016

We were a tribe of 10. Los Romeros, Abuelita Sanchez, Tio Winegar, Familia Luis y Ishi Tota.

Miguelito and Ishi were the only ones that have ever been to the OCF. For the rest of the Tribe this was initiation welcomed with 3 straight days of non stop RAIN!!!

Luis, Miguel and I (Ishi) arrived to camp first–it was still sunny when we arrived. Thankfully, we enjoyed the soft sun, because it was about to say good bye to us for majority of the weekend. Setting up ‘home away from home’ was a breeze. We had just enough time to claim our corner spot close to the bandstand, food, recharge stations and outhouses and set up both our and Abuelita’s tent. We had just finished arranging the kitchen area when Tio Winegar arrived…set up continues..as the rain clouds roll in and the rain begins to fall.

As the rain drops get bigger…off come the flip flops and on with the rain boots/gear. It felt like we had prepared for Oregon Maritime weather well, until a strong gust of wind ripped the tarp of our kitchen area clean off…then there was trouble…

We made desperate phone calls to the rest of our band to bring bungee chords and more tarps. The heaviest rain began to fall as the Romeros and Abuelita arrived and scrambled to put the last of the tents together. Trying to solve the kitchen area challenge was tough! We finally were able to block the wind with a sheet. All of the work had us warmed up in no time. The air was filled with the scent of wild mint, rain and smoking wood from the bonfire.

Taking little Kassiani and Miguel to explore the our camp rejuvenated my spirits. Children can see the light and fun in a rainy day. The camp was full of much activity and plenty of strange and interesting things to look at. As the rain died down-the mosquitos came out to feast on us, so we gathered around the bonfire with other camp goers, warm drinks in our hands and a sigh of relief as the rain turned to that lovely soft Oregon mist. I don’t remember what we ate that night or what time we all crashed. All I remember is the sound of rain on the tent and the warm snuggled up nest I slept in with my family.

Ensayos por la manana. Rehearsals in the morning. Nothing can stop us now! Rain or no rain, estamos aqui para bailar y cantar! We are here to dance and sing! And so we do just that, before we make our way to the First day of Fair.

A large tribe is tricky to manage inside the thick waves of Fair-goers. Everyone goes their own way to explore and we all come back to camp for food, bonfire and Open Mic! Rumor has it that there was a big dance party with a DJ. Even Abuelita and my sister joined in dancing around the bonfire. Meanwhile, Ishi and Miguel fell into a deep sleep as the sounds of the rain and the bustle of the campers as lulled us to sleep.


Shimi Tree performance at the Gypsy Caravan Stage. Tio Winegar and Estefania wrote a story called The Flamenco Seed that was performed for the crowd. The story talks about the roots of Flamenco culture and music and is appropriate for any age. Apprentice and receiver of 2016 TRAAP Award by Idaho Commission on the Arts, Amalia ‘La Romera’ fulfills the first part of her apprenticeship journey by helping us share the story of Flamenco with fair goers. The rain let up just long enough for us to perform and we were delighted to have an audience that danced and clapped along with us.

Last day of fair, with our tour guide the charming Harue! L-R Luis, Ishi, Harue, Uncle Winegar photo by Mike G
On Sunday, most of half of the family packed up camp and continued on with their journeys-to other camps or back to Boise. Luis, Tio Winegarr and I gave a dance class  at the Gypsy Caravan Stage. It was another wet day, but we had fun with participants anyway!

Afterwards, we took a stroll with our good friend, the charming Flamenca, Harue. The trail led us to old friends and family that had come to work the fair. Happy encounters and a nice soft finish.

At night, we sang to each other around the glow of our lanterns, drinking cheap wine and beer. A weekend such as one spent at OCF has more than a million moments, the heart and the brain cannot seem to comprehend or make up or down of it. So again we fall into a slumber led by the soft patter of rain on our tent..and a little chill from the dampness that has finally begun to seep in.

Monday- was the beginning of another adventure back to Portland. The Izuzu Rodeo had a clutch that kept sticking..but we pushed on to Portland where sunshine, music and lot’s of landscaping awaited Luis and I.

If you are in the Boise Area, join us for class every Wednesday 6:30p @ Whitney Community Center, Boise Bench. Classes are presented by Boise Park&Rec with Escuela Flamenca. Taught by Estefania Call 208 608 7680 or follow this link for Info




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