To contact us please send emails to


Our website and organization are both currently under construction

Thank you to all of our community of supporters and fans for so many wonderful years full of flamenco art and music. We are still in the Boise area. We are still dancing, and singing. Looking forward to the day when we can all be together! We are taking this opportunity to realign and reinvent our approach to sharing our cultural heritage with you.

Stay tuned…we will be back very soon —-however if you really really wanna talk flamenco or classes or events you can still contact Estefanía. She is happy to connect with you: nwfcollective@gmail.com

A huge thank you to the Alexa Rose foundation for a grant award to Estefania Laishi 2020-21. With deep gratitude for being chosen as a featured artist.   Stay tuned for news about her incredible journey.

Photo credit: Lily Rae

Courtesy of the Alexa Rose Foundation

We will see each other soon…until then we keep with the fond memories of all that we have shared

With special thanks to our community of supporters, fans, students, guest artists and especially the organizations venues and festivals that made it possible to share LIVE flamenco: Idaho Commission on the Arts, National Endowment of the Arts, Alexa Rose Foundation, JUMP (Jack’s Urban Meetin Place), Boise City Parks and Recreation, Global Lounge, Treefort Music festival, World Village, The Olympic, Potter’s Wine Tasting Room, the Shangri-La Tea House, The Merc, Art in the Park, Empanada Club, 39th Street Urban Yurt, Winchester Lake State Park


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