Portland, OR: Con La Fuerza De Mi Madre Benefits Flamenco Community

Escuela De Ritmo  Dancers
 Artist Immersion program: Our gift back to the community of Flamenco. Students in the community have the opportunity to participate in an intensive workshop with a Professional Flamenco Artist like Luis De La Tota. Payment for these workshops come in the form of dedication and time from the students. At the end of the workshops they have the opportunity to share the stage with other professionals and artists.
Buy attending this event at Holocene on May 13th, you are supporting arts education and your flamenco community . We’ll even invite you to a complimentary glass of wine or a cerveza as a thank you for attending the show! Claro what’s a Flamenco show without a little vino, OLE
Why are we doing this Program?
  • Flamenco is a community art form– UNESCO calls it an ‘Intangeable Cultural Heritage of Humanity’ because ‘Flamenco is strongly rooted in its community, strengthening its cultural identity and continuing to be passed down from one generation to the next’. We at Escuela de Ritmo feel that we are doing our part in supporting the communities of Flamenco that reside outside of Spain by presenting this program.
  • We honor the people who have given us the gift of Flamenco by giving to you. Con La Fuerza De Mi Madre, is a Flamenco Theatre production inspired by Luis’ mother who was one of the major contributors to Luis’ talent. Luis’ childhood was full of memories of his mother sharing Flamenco songs and dance with all of the children of his neighborhood. She not only gave endlessly to the children of the community but she also played a role in giving to the artists-inspiring Flamenco singers from all over Spain to come and listen to her sing verses that she created on the spot at juergas (fiestas) baptisms and weddings.
Where do all the proceeds go?
Proceeds to the show will:
  • allow us to repeat this program and continue giving back to the Flamenco Community
  • help raise money so that the NW Flamenco Collective can reach non-profit status. Our ultimate mission is to build a Flamenco Cultural Center in the Northwest that is similar to the Fundación de Flamenco in Jerez de La Frontera (it’s like a Flamenco Library open to the public)
Interested in us coming to your community? Contact us below!

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