Live Flamenco January 27th Matinee & Evening Performances

Matinee All Ages Performance

Time: 2:00pm

Where: Foothills School of Arts and Science Performance Room

618 S 8th St, Boise, ID 83702

Donations appreciated at the door

10 donation for Adults

5 donation for Seniors/Students

Children ages 12/under enter for free

Refreshments Table Available- Bring a snack to share if you wish!

Evening Performance for ages 21+

Time: Doors 7 Show begins at 8pm

Where: Olympic Venue Downtown Boise

1009 Main St Boise 83702

(Above Mulligan’s Bar)


Presale 10+fees Follow link by clicking here

At the Door 15


Luis De La Tota

From Jerez de La Frontera Spain

Maestro,lyricist, percussionist (cajon,palmero), Festero, singer, joker, dancer, Flamenco Gitano, Gypsy Flamenco. Luis, descendent of generations of Gypsy Flamencos from Andalucia Spain, offers a journey into his world. A world that is shrouded in mystery and intrigue enriched in joyous dance and the deep sorrow of the song. There is no other experience that can match the artistry performed and directed by Luis de La Tota.

Full Bio Link Here

Luis Performing in Vancouver BC YouTube

Estefanía La Ishi

With over fifteen years of experience, as a Flamenco performer, dance instructor, community builder and ambassador traveling from USA coast to coast as well as Europe. Estefanía currently resides in Boise. A mother, a mentor, a wife, she directs ShimiTree Flamenco Dance Co, Escuela Flamenca Boise and teaches beginner classes at Fort Boise Community Center.

Living inside the Gypsy community of Jerez, the rule is that you do not sing for singing, you do

not dance for the sake of dancing or play the guitar for the sake of playing, you do it because

there is a unstoppable force inside of you driving you to move, to sing or to play. Flamenco at home in Jerez,

is a spontaneous occurrence that happens multiple times a day everyday. Outside of that,

performing Flamenco is sharing our stories with the world. Finding connection to humanity.

Bringing lightness to a world of darkness.

I have so many stories to tell. My life has been full of adventures, full of

laughter, sorrow, full of passion, full of obstacles and full of growth. To me, there is no ‘why do I dance Flamenco,

there is only , ‘how could I live my life without Flamenco?’~La Ishi

Fort Boise Flamenco beginners Class Info Link Here

Estefanía YouTube Dance Link Here


Mark Ferguson (Portland Oregon)

Mark held a position of flamenco guitarist at the University of New Mexico and has toured with the second company of María Benítez. From 2005- 2008, he was the music director for Solo Flamenco‘s Arts Academy, where he taught flamenco guitar and served as the primary guitarist for El Cuadro Solo Flamenco. Mark performed in South Korea in 2005 with Laurena Marrone (Maestra/ Director Solo Flamenco Academy) as part of the groundbreaking fusion of flamenco and traditional Korean music.

Mark currently teaches at Pacific University (Forrest Grove, Oregon) as Professor of Spanish Language. He is composing his second Flamenco Guitar Album and working on a project that introduces Flamencos complex musical communication to beginner Flamenco enthusiasts

Joel Gongora

Joel joined Escuela Flamenca Boise in late 2011. He studied in an intensive program directly under the tutelage of Luis de La Tota. Playing Flamenco guitar for Joel is a reflection of his hispanic roots. He learns through sight and sound playing with the soniquete or groove realized in those guitarists that were raised in a culture that values music as a way of life.

In the summer of 2014, Joel was awarded a private ceremony with renown artists of the Flamenco community of Jerez, Spain, singers Ali de La Tota and Jesus de La Esperanza for his mastership of skills in accompaniment of the cante (song), baile (dance) and technical skills in flamenco rhythmic style. Joel has performed as both Escuela de Ritmo and Shimi Tree’s lead guitarist for seven years including events such as the Extreme Holiday Extravaganza at the Egyptian Theatre, 26th Street Urban Yurt Tapas Series, Steinway All Stars ‘Sounds Of Cuba’, World Village 2014-2016.

Check out Joel Youtube Video here


Christina La Tetera

Earning her stage name La Tetera (The Teapot) by turning with such strength and passion as to clear even the teapots off of table tops with her skirt, Christina is not new to performance dance. With a backround in classical ballet, Christina began studying with Luis de La Tota and Estefania at Escuela de Ritmo in 2011. Enjoying variety in her style, Christina has traveleld to New Mexico to study with Jesus Muñoz and recently went to Spain to study intensively with award winning dancer Maria del Mar Moreno.

Watch Christina Video

Gemma Curie

This performance will debut an up and coming soloist Gemma Curie. A new face at Escuela Flamenca Boise but not a new face to dance, Gemma took her first Flamenco class in Berkeley California 3 years ago. Not only is Gemma trained in classical dance, she is also especially skilled in aerial dance, teaching beginning aerial/pole and performing at Ophidia Studio in East Boise. Over the past year Gemma has studied with Estefanía La Ishi meanwhile infusing her eclectic experience of dance to the audiences at Rebelde Flamenco.


HP Marshall

HP studied African drumming for years before meeting Luis de La Tota. He has been a dedicated student of Flamenco for over 7 years performing as an original member of Shimi Tree at events such as Extreme Holiday Extravaganza at the Egyptian Theatre, 26th Street Urban Yurt Tapas Series, Steinway All Stars ‘Sounds Of Cuba’, World Village 2014-2016 and Tree Fort. HP brings a solid intuitive layer of rhythm to the stage each and every time.

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