Open the Door. Open the Door.

 I have not given you a reason to shut me out. Open the Door. 

For God’s Sake! Don’t leave me on the street like this…..


The voice. I can hear it. It has a mouth and a face that presses against the door. The voice is soaked in sadness. The voice is exhausted by the sorrow that pushes it into the cold night air. I am on the other side of the door. Eyes swollen with tears. My cheek pressed against splintery wood trying to hold on to that fading voice. Trying to push past the numbness. Yet I cannot open the door. I cannot. I am on the other side. Crying for the door to open. It will not open. It cannot. These voices. This torcher goes on and on. It is a nightmare. I know that the voice is mine. On the other side of the door. Crying for it to open. Yet not having the strength and courage to open to myself on my own, the door remains closed. So this madness. This nightmarish cycle continues on and on. Until I wake. Numb. Tired. I feel I have not slept at all. I pull myself up. I manage to pull myself together to walk another day, on this side of the door.-Written by Estefanía 
Click here to Watch Video Clip of Estefanía La Ishi Dancing por Siguiriya

***** Open lines: Translated Flamenco Verse. In the song form Siguiriya. Siguiriya is sacred. Marked by death, tragedy, torcherous pain. It is also known as the ‘Father’ of Flamenco song. Solea in contrast is considered the ‘Mother’ of Flamenco song

at Artichoke Music Theatre, Portland Oregon. 

Luis de La Tota (Voice) William ‘Guillermo’ Burgess (Guitar) Mitsue La Pura (Palmas)


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