Essencia Segundo

And what has happened to me 


Has happened to others

Even still. In the middle of the night

I wake and the pain drives me mad


Your not the only one. Your not the only one. I tell myself this because it seems like the ‘adult’ thing to do. Others go through moments of dispair, anguish, and rage. They make it through. They can hide it well. You should too, I tell myself. For a moment I believe myself. Than when the night comes, and I have not slept. Then I think to myself. There must be others who are awake with this pain. Awake with this anguish. Awake with this rage. Is it you?

Click Here Watch Video Clip of Estefanía La Ishi dancing por Siguiriya at Artichoke Cafe. 

Portland Oregon May 2017. Voice: Luis de La Tota, Guitar: William ‘Guillermo’ Burgess’, Palmas: Mitsue La Pura


Traditional Flamenco Verse translated by Ishi. Song form: Siguiriya. An ancient Flamenco rhythm, voice and words that are the very root of Flamenco music. 

Thank you to 3Shine Flamenco, Luis de La Tota, William Guillermo Burgess, Peña de Portland and PDX Flamenco Fans for a Sold out show. Thank you for giving me the platform to work out some things that 

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