Zambomba Series…the meaning of making the best of the holidays..

Luis in the Peña Tio Jose de Paula

Last year, we trudged through some hard times in Jerez. Luis worked a ton, but it takes a while to get paid in a country that has been in a long unending depression. Water and electrical companies strictly cut off your line of usage and then tag a fee to start up of 200 euros!!! This however did not stop Luis from spreading good will and cheer. What could we do but make the most of our time. On the way home from working at a Zambomba we stepped into yet another holiday party at the Peña Tio Jose De Paula. Luis De La Tota sings a tribute to Frank Sinatra, while expressing in the only way he knows how what we are going through. We ate some yummy food, drank and danced with our extended family til late late and things didn’t seem so bad after all.

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