video Zambomba Series #3 Video,

We cram into tight spaces, we fill plazas, and it’s all over for now, the holiday party known as a Zamomba in Jerez fill everyone’s spare moments from the day after Dia de los Muertos and end with a bang on Christmas Day. Then all the children wait impatiently for the arrival of the 3 Kings, who will bring gifts.
Friends and Family of Jerez show us what a Zambomba is all about, being together, singing and dancing, laughing…there is no age limit to these festive gatherings. The strollers are set up front and center, the elders are playing the Zambomba, teens have tamborines and are not too shy to show a younger sibling how to dance….

Thank you to Luis’ brother Ali de La Tota, his sister Ani Bermudez Peña, Chilolo, Merce, Juana, Tio Plajo,Coral de Los Reyes, Jon, Sarai and all of the kids that showed me (Ishi) what a Zambomba truly is.

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