On the first day of Christmas- Escuela de Ritmo-Villancicos

Luis' first day of snow in the Boise, ID 2011
Luis’ first day of snow in the Boise, ID 2011

Happy December 1st!! Whether you celebrate Christmas, Hanakuh, both or neither, we want to say felicidades-esperamos lo mejor for the last month of the year and for the year to come! We’re starting this month off by sharing the letras of a popular Villancicio ‘El Carbonero’.  It’s our way of saying thanks for stopping by! If you already know the song–Olé tu! We hope you sing along–here’s the link to the letras (or just scroll down and you’ll find them)



Villancicos-Flamenco Christmas songs–Villancicos actually means songs from small towns, it’s what the folks from bigger cities like Madrid call them. Jerez being a ‘town’ they are really just called popular christmas songs.

Carbonero– a man that sells charcoal

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