In honor of International Flamenco Week–My top 5 Flamenco Thangs

Fruit: Bitter Oranges– intoxicating, vibrant, tempting and so so bitter…how could it not be Flamenco?
My sister once told me that God takes all of our tears and turns them into oranges. She proved it by peeling away the pith of a wedge of orange so that I could see the tear droplets that hold all the juice of the orange on the inside–it’s true!!! I thought! Then I figured that all tears must be sweet or hold something sweet inside of them..or the fruit wouldn’t be edible. However, since I’ve been to Andalucia, I’ve discovered where all of the ‘bitter’ tears have gone! To the unedible oranges that line every street and plaza in Southern Spain–the trees fill the air with such an intoxicating smell it’s hard to believe the fruit that hangs from them is too bitter to be eaten!

Coffee-made fresh by the cup~never to go!Tomando un cafelito means taking the time to sit at a cafe and drink your coffee with friends family or the locals. Or even better after lunch in home with friends or family

How we like our coffee~

Manchaito—more milk than coffee

Cortao– more coffee than milk

Cafe Solo– black coffee

Friendly Detours-Segways-Digressions

Meaning we got up early so we could hacer la fallena and then leave because we had some important mandaitos that we’d been putting off. We stopped by my sister-in-law’s house to say hello, in which she invited us to have a cup of coffee. After coffee, she decided to come with us into town. We got one of the 5 things on our check lists done when we ran into some friends/cousins on the street who invited us to a refresco and a tapita. After having a snack and a sodi pop, it was WOW! Time for lunch already, so we headed back towards my sister-in-laws house but were stopped on the way back by some friends that were eating pescao frito and drinking cervezas in a new fried fish eatery…they invited us to a beer and some yummie fishies and well there we were…half the afternoon enjoying the sunshine…meanwhile, all of the things I’d planned on doing are slowly circling the drain. Hey in our defense, Spain’s in the middle of a depression, one never knows where their next meal’s gonna come from…and if someone’s inviting…

La Fallena = House work/ House Chores (Hacer la fallena) 

Ya’ll might think that this isn’t so flamenco, but I happen to be a multi-tasking sort of Flamenca. I have a 7 month old baby, most of my ensayando (flamenco practice) happens while doing household chores..yup singing dancing…otherwise my son isn’t entertained enough in his high chair and I can’t get the house cleaned!!

Mandaitos-Errands (Tengo mandaitos)

One can’t be detoured if one has nothing to do…

Statue of Lola Flores in Jerez, Spain

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