video ¡MOSTO!!

Our friends live in a renovated castle in the center of Jerez that is now apartments. Outside their window the night is fragrant with Jasmine, Dama de Noche and you can see in the garden a giant Poinsetta bush of the same kind that are sold in small pots during Christmas time. Sipping Rioja on a damp and rainy night, inside this beautiful old castle, Luis began to talk about what it’s like in the Northwest USA at this time of year. “The trees in the North where we live,’ he said, ‘change to so many colors-orange red yellow and purple, it’s unlike anything we’ve ever seen! And the apples! They have festivals there celebrating apples and pumpkins. The apples in the USA are the best fruit that they have.”
He told them of a Cider party we went to with a friend in Portland. How they pressed apples and we drank the sweet juice right there in the crisp air. This is autumn in the NW states. Our friends smiled with wonder as the showers outside their window made a thousand sounds against the leaves of the giant Poinsetta and the jasmines twinkled like a trillion earthly stars. ‘We don’t have anything like the apple festivals you have in the states’ said our friend.

‘No,’ I said, ‘What we have to mark the season of autumn in Jerez is Mosto..’

The photos of the Festival de Vendimia were taken in 2011. I don’t believe they had a Festival this year, the Crisis prevented the town from affording it..which is sad-we hope that thru informative sites such as our own tourism will return to Jerez and bring back all of the festivals we love.

Footage at Domi’s Venta was taken mid October 2012.

Background music at the beginning and end of the ‘¡Mosto!: ‘Toma que Toma’ a Sevillanas written by Luis de La Tota,
off of the album ‘Yo Soy Asi’ by Antonio de La Malena (the album can be bought thru Amazon and can be found on Spotify)

Translations from Blog:
Aguaó = Aguador = Water carrier, some that brought water to the thirsty workers picking grapes in the vineyards


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