California Dreamin, Great Memories from Santa Cruz

Luis, Ishi, and Miguel Angel (aka El Tamarindo, El Yaquitano) dancing at a Juerga in Santa Cruz, CA October 2012 foto by Ruben Martin

We were at La Peña Tío Jose Joaquin de Paula last Thursday. I am taking a workshop that studies el cante and the origins of some  Flamenco’s Palos. It’s free to the public, Joaquin ‘El Zambo’ sings examples of the palos and then at the end they have an open discussion.

I ran across another fellow Flamenco Aficionado from the States. We spoke for a little bit about our mutual Flamenco friends in Santa Cruz and the Bay Area-what a great time we had in California, and it crossed my mind that a sweet sweet gentleman, Ruben Martin, took some great photos at a juerga we went to this September! We were at Charlie and Roberta’s place, Thank you again to all of the amazing Flamencos in California-Luis had a great time and we hope to see you guys soon!

Peñas are social clubs, they can be dedicated to soccer, chess, pretty much anything there are many here in Jerez dedicated to Flamenco.

El cante (Flamenco singing)

Palos are different styles of Flamenco, they are categorized rhythm sentiment and region. There is even a genealogical tree for all of the rhythms of Flamenco!

Juerga in Santa Cruz October 2012 by Rubin Martin

Juerga in Santa Cruz 2012 by Rubin Martin

Juerga Santa Cruz 2012 by Ruben Martin

La Ishi cantando with Miguel Juerga in Santa Cruz 2012 by Ruben Martin

Juerga in Santa Cruz, 2012 by Ruben Martin
Ruben and Luis at Kumbwaa Jazz Club October 2012