Viva Flamenco!!!

In this photo Luis de La Tota, Gema de Moneo and Diego de Morao

Howdy strangers!!!

Have you seen the video blogs that contain clips of the Festival Flamenco Gitano 2012, LA 2009, a piece of Luis’ impromptu juerga in Jerez, and exlusive home video and pictures?!? Well ya better get scrollin down this page because you are missing out on all the action! I have made one video in Spanish and one in English, both are good to watch because all of the pictures are not the same. Plus it’s good to start attuning your ears to spanish if you are learning or need to freshen up. I’m getting another video blog ready because it’s MOSTO season!!!!! What’s MOSTO you ask? Ojuuuuu wouldn’t ya like to know!!!!

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