of courage and self discovery

I often wonder to myself..

What is my connection to Flamenco?

Why have I invested so much time money and energy-what makes me continue to invest?

What do I get out of it?

Of course the first things that come to mind are the aesthetics of the artform, the life style, the culture..but isn’t there more to it than that?

What do I have in common with other Flamencos such as myself?

‘such as myself’ meaning non-Spanish, non-gypsy folk that have happened to become impassioned with and bewitched by this music during early to mid-adulthood

What do I have in common with Flamencos that were born and raised inside the country of it’s birth,

inside it’s culture that nurtures the art and music with the same breast that it nurtures it’s infants?

What attracts people to Flamenco in the first place?

Will finding the answers to these questions help people that are on the fence about taking up Flamenco dance or music lessons finally take the plunge at a local studio in their town or here at La Escuela de Ritmo in Boise, ID?

Well in the event that it does peek your interest or remind someone who is already investing there time in Flamenco, why they are doing it..I began looking around..asking questions…and over some Frosted Flakes (the showem your a Tiger kind) some coffee and some hostess cakes I began asking our own Luis de La Tota from Escuela de Ritmo his thoughts on these very questions:

Why do you think your students seek out Flamenco? What makes them become impassioned by it?

People that seek out Flamenco are looking for new experiences-pure experiences-of other cultures, or emotions

I don’t believe that when people say they like Flamenco, when they say they like just the dancing aspect of it that this is totally what they mean. Because Flamenco is more than that–you have to feel it, you have to live it, you have to play it, you have to breath it.


Flamenco has it all. It’s another language entirely. It’s where you find family, community and long lasting friendships. Because Flamenco has magic. It bewitches us all…and we all share a connection to something pure for a moment together.

So would you say that people that seek out and discover flamenco want to feel something? Yes of course, Flamenco is more feeling than pain and sadness.

It makes you dream. It makes you think of happy things…positive things in your life that you would like to accomplish.

People that like feeling, emotion or people that that understand feeling and emotion do not find Flamenco difficult…nor easy…they find it complicated- like feelings and emotions are complex..but not difficult. What you learn in Flamenco gives you the courage to explore life…the good and the bad of life. It gives you the courage to explore but never with sadness, always with joy in your heart. Flamenco asks you to invest a lot of yourself but what you gain is self discovery and relationships with yourself and with others that you will never lose.

Give me five of your favorite non-flamenco bands/musicians and a song of theirs. Tell me what the song shares with Flamenco, or describe how it connects to a Flamenco theme

  1. Beethoven ‘Ode to Joy‘—  ‘World Unity, the happiness of people coming together’
  2. Iron Maiden ‘The Trooper’— ‘The battle of life’
  3. AC/DC ‘Back in Black’——- ‘Rhythm, Hard Rock, Soniquete
  4. Led Zepplin ‘Stairway to Heaven”—-‘To walk up a stairway of memories and think about your life, discover your spirit’
  5. Michael Jackson ‘Thriller’  ——– ‘Life and Death, to not fear death, we dance until we die and in the afterlife we dance too’

Thanks Luis…you can have another bowl of Tony’s Frosted Flakes if you like and eat it in peace too!

What about you? What is drawing you to Flamenco?

I encourage you to learn more about what flamenco has to offer by reading the stories of other Flamencos on their journey’s of self-discovery and courage thru flamenco…here is a link to the adventures of another Flamenco from the US..

Flamenco Romantico– Tales of a Flamenca from Santa Cruz California who has been visiting and studying Flamenco in Spain since the 90’s. Her and her husband have a beautiful story, as well as many stories to share.

Flamenco Rhythm Classes Mondays from 6:30-7:30 and 7:45-8:45p

Flamenco Dance Classes Wednesdays 6:30p-7:30p

Escuela De Ritmo 

4507 Alamosa St 

Boise ID 83703


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