What is a Tota and who is La Ichi?

Summer 2011 at Viernes Flamenco in Jerez

In photo above, Estefanía ‘Ichi’, Luis ‘El Zambo’ and Luis de La Tota. Luis ‘El Zambo’ is an amazing cantaor, (Flamenco Singer). The album his family put out called Compas de Los Zambos is a favorite. If you would like to hear an awesome example of Bulerías de Jerez, this album is a must have! Luis de La Tota and his brother Ali are the ‘official’ Palmeros (Flamenco Percussionists) of Viernes Flamenco, or Flamenco Fridays in Jerez. A showcase put on at the Alcazar (castle) in Jerez, where every Friday you can hear and see Flamenco’s best inside the beautiful court yard of the oldest castle in Jerez

What is a Tota And who is La Ichi?  I thought it would be fun to revisit a blog I wrote this past summer while in Jerez. For those that are just getting to know us, the school, Flamenco, Spain, etc the link below is a fun read.

One of the charming aspects of the people of Andalusia is the way they address each other in conversation. It is very uncommon to use one’s birth name here. Everyone gets a nickname that tells something truthful about who they are as a person (usually humorous or an idiosyncrasy) their occupation, or their appearance…..To read this blog about nicknames in Southern Spain and how Luis became Luis de La Tota click the link below!

Story of Ichi and Tota



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