What exactly is Soniquete? and Compas?

Good question!

When we talk about Compas in Flamenco we are talking more than just ritmo or rhythm. Compas in Flamenco is a combination of many elements such as  meter/or count, the sentiment or feeling of the style of Flamenco rhythm  one is marking (ie Bulerias, Tangos, Alegrías) and last not but not least Soniquete!

Soniquete- Musica celestial que nace en la tierra donde yo vivo. Es un compas inesplicable

~Luis de La Tota


Soniquete-is heavenly music born in the land that I live in. It is inexplicable rhythm.

Viernes Flamenco (Flamenco Fridays in Jerez, Spain)

Soniquete is

the swing, the groove of the music,

it’s what makes the hair on the back of your neck and arms stand on end,

it’s the energy inside of the sound that causes you to get up from your chair and dance,

it’s what makes you want to cry for no reason

it’s a group of individuals sharing their talent without ego to make one unified seamless sound

it’s nami, la ola, a wave

it’s what makes a flamenco say ‘Ole’.- Estefanía

Flamenco Rhythm/Compas Classes  Monday’s

Dance Classes Wednesdays 6:30p

Location: Escuela De Ritmo

4507 Alamosa St

Boise, ID



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