Que es Jerez en el Flamenco?

Jerez de La Frontera, Spain

What is Jerez within Flamenco?

Check it out by clicking on the link below:

¿ Que es Jerez en el Flamenco?

Yes, yes, it’s all in Spanish…AUGH..no worries, we’ll get it translated for you piece by piece.. although some of the the words are conceptual, so if you REALLY are wondering what Gitaneria Compas or Soniquete is….you better just get to class!

Starts Monday February 6th 6:30 at Escuela de Ritmo, 4507 Boise, ID 83703 email: ritmodelatota@gmail.com for more details

Meanwhile, here are the original lyrics and their translation of the song in the video

Yo Soy Asi, Asi Soy Yo

Ay Como Como

Como Vivo

Como Digo

Me Dicen La gente yo soy diferente

Yo hago lo que quiero

Me Gasto dinero convio a los compañeros

Porque yo soy asin

Asin soy yo

Ni el dinero me puede Cambiar

Yo Soy asin

Asin soy yo

Solo busco la felicidad

-Lyrics and Music by Luis de La Tota

Sung by Antonio de La Malena in the Flamenco album ‘Yo Soy Asi’


The way I eat

The way I live

The way I speak

The people say that I’m different

I do what I want

I spend my money

I invite my friends


I am this way 

this is the way I am

and money won’t change me

I am this way

This is the way I am

I only look for happiness

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