Flamenco Camp: Winchester Lake State Park July 15th

Presented by Idaho Arts Commission, Winchester Lake Parks and Rec and National Arts Endowment:

ShimiTree and Friends lead a summer celebration at Winchester Lake State Park. Spend the day exploring the 104 acre park, fishing, swimming and soaking in the sun. Then at 8:30 enjoy a free Flamenco performance al fresco in the park amphitheatre sponsored by Idaho Arts Commission and Winchester Lake State Park. 

Follow this link to reserve your campsite: https://parksandrecreation.idaho.gov/parks/winchester

Special guest guitarrists 

Geri de Alcala (Vancouver,BC) 

Dick Winegar (PDX)

Shimi Tree Resident Guitarist

Mateo Romero

Dance, Recipients 2016 Folk Art Apprenticeship Grant, Idaho Arts Commission)

Maestra Estefanía La Ishi

Apprentice Amalia La Romera

Artistic Direction, Vocals, Percussion

Luis de La Tota

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