BOISE: Peña Cultural~Culture Club Thursday 6-8pm at the Shangrila Tea Room

It’s a unique kind of open mic. One that crosses cultures – not just micro American cultures, but Global cultures. Lets take a look at what we have that is similar and celebrate what makes us unique through artistic expression. 

You can play an acoustic song, dance (to prerecorded or live music), recite or read a poem or tell a story. Let Sergio or Ishi know that you would like to share something. If you are dancing to pre-recorded music, please bring it in mp3, tablet, phone, or ipad so we can hook it up to the sound system. 

Flamenco Ambassadors, Sergio and Ishi will fill the gaps with Guitar (Classical & Flamenco), Flamenco song, dance, and perhaps poetry. 

Jam sessions are encouraged and spontaneous

Each Thursday is different!

All ages welcome. All levels of artistry welcome. Any acoustic instrument, any dance, any culture. Let’s grow together.

Questions/more info email:

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