4-5-6: Meeting Greg

In both photos Greg is on the right. Location Boise Foothills 2016

‘Gregory Mauger is an international critically acclaimed photographer and the protege of world renowned photographer Evla Vlasicova. Gregory’s passion for life combined with a deep passion for performing and visual arts enables him to see the world in a unique way. Classicly trained in ballet by Phyllis Rothwell Affrunti, Gregory incorporates his training, along with a strong European influence and styling, into his work which allows his art to blend emotions with a strong sense of realism.’ Find his full biography and website by clicking here
Meeting Greg

Part One Written by Estefanía La Ishi

After the memory of a weekend of performances begins to fizzle out. After it sits on the shelf for more than a year, the true substance of an event remains. Be it good be it bad. Be it a lesson learned or a corner turned. For this particular weekend, Luis and I can remember clearly our good fortune in meeting Greg…

We met photographer Greg Mauger in August 2015. Luis, Joel Gongora and I were the Flamenco musical accompaniment (ShimiTree) for a EDR Flamenco student dancer at the annual Boise Dance COOP. Boise Dance COOP is a showcase of several local dance companies and schools. If you have not been to the Boise Dance COOP, I highly recommend going. The shows are usually at the end of August and it’s a great way of experiencing the Boise dance community on one stage.

SUMMER 2015 In Brief

That year, Luis and I had passed the summer in Spain. We toured together to perform with Familia Bermudez Flamenco at Obwald Festival, Switzerland. Upon our return to Spain from Switzerland, Luis picked up work back in the USA with Sonidos Gitanos. Yes that’s right, during our work-cation, Luis was hired to travel back to USA/Canada to perform with Maria ‘La Cha Cha’ Bermudez, Domingo Ortega, Fernando Moreno and other artists. He returned to Spain for the last two weeks of our vacation. Meanwhile, I danced for 6 hours a day with Maria del Mar Moreno Jerez Puro Cursos and Antonio El Pipa(Thank you Idaho Commission on the Arts for your support!)

Jet-lagged But Still Flamenkeando

We arrived to the USA just one day before we were to rehearse for Boise COOP. The dancer part of me was happy to be singing, because my feet were so swollen from the long flights and the hours of dance practice I had put them through, stuffing them into my dance shoes would have been like threading a sewing needle with a jump rope.

Thankfully, carrying that super charged post-tour high can give you better wings than any eight ounce can of Red Bull. All this being said, things are fuzzy. Blurry. Although jet-laggishly cloudy, it is hard to not take note of someone like Greg. Standing over 6 feet tall, with a spirit that radiates in a peaceful glow towards you, we felt at ease immediately with our rehearsals and his camera.

So, in my jet lagged cloud, I floated through the weekend. Singing exhausts the body in a different way than dancing. Singing for dancers requires immaculate focus, a great memory, gut instinct, tremendous courage and heart. I drained every ounce of all of those energies Friday/Saturday which is probably why I was able to return to ‘floating cloud’ post performance.

Saturday Evening 

Saturday evening, a split second post-curtain call decision by Luis, and then we were floating towards the Esther Simplot Performing Arts building. ‘Floating’ is the word chosen to describe us in motion, because if you have ever experienced jet lag. If you have ever gone from a long work trip then returned to the offices or gym or house work without a proper break to recuperate, you have felt yourself drenched in mind numbing exhaustion. The sensation is akin to that foggy space of timelessness that you awake into from sleep. It’s awake, but it’s not alert. It’s a space where your last dream is still accessible and could almost seem possible if it weren’t for your conscious waking mind shattering it with reality. It is that grey no man’s land before the crack of dawn. I digress.

We floated into the reception. As my jet lag would have it, I began to awaken from my slumber and realize that I was in a room with many people. Ooooh and so many people we did not know.

What to do? Luis and I head for the food. Great spread of snacks, pick up a plate and get to work. Mouths full of food don’t have to talk as much…it would give us a chance to settle in. Just as we landed ourselves some beverages, there was Greg again. Chatting, smiling, introducing us to the people he knew. People that I am comfortable striking up a conversation with at similar events to this very day. Luis with his animated body language and hand full of words in English keeps us entertained while Greg, with his gentle demeanor makes us feel welcome and at ease.

Luis, Joel and I were relieved and greatful that Greg was there with us at the reception. In a room overflowing with Boise’s elite dance community, we were the new comers. Greg was a bridge and like a good will ambassador. It was here that we learned that Greg is a dancer himself. As a dancer, he has a particular edge, an instinct that allows him to know where to be, when to catch a moment. His passion for photography and dance are intertwined in such a way that there seems to be no end of one and beginning of the other. Just a fluid flow of energy. A grand respect as an artist for other artists.

Curtain closes as Luis and I float home to recuperate. We needed to recharge, because we were about to face a very dark winter…….

Next up- Greg Mauger Part 2 ‘Spring 2016–The Photo Shoot’

Find Greg Online:

Instagram: www.instagram.com/pg_photography_studio

Greg Mauger Website: www.pgphotographystudio.com

****Escuela Flamenca (formerly Escuela de Ritmo Flamenco) is located in Boise Idaho. We have a mobile school/dance company that travels both nationally and internationall.  Directors Estefanía La Ishi and Luis de La Tota are available for performance and classes. Although they live in Boise, they have residence in Luis’ hometown Jerez de La Frontera, Spain.

****Join classes through Boise Parks and Recs every Wednesday at Whitney Community Center.

Escuela Flamenco teaches classes every 

Wednesday 6:30-7:30pm Start anytime

Whitney Community Center 1609 S Owyhee St Boise 83703

Show up for your first class and try it for free!

 Register through Boise Parks and Recreation 

208 608 weeks 7680 

Online: http://www.parks.boisecity.org

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