Live Flamenco with Guest Guitarist Mark Ferguson May 26th Olympic Venue Boise

A short audio clip of special guest guitarist Mark Ferguson. Don’t miss out on this very special live Flamenco performance with ShimiTree

Reserve Tickets Here:

About Mark Ferguson (Portland Oregon)

Mark held a position of flamenco guitarist at the University of New Mexico and has toured with the second company of María Benítez. From 2005- 2008, he was the music director for Solo Flamenco‘s Arts Academy, where he taught flamenco guitar and served as the primary guitarist for El Cuadro Solo Flamenco. Mark performed in South Korea in 2005 with Laurena Marrone (Maestra/ Director Solo Flamenco Academy) as part of the groundbreaking fusion of flamenco and traditional Korean music.

Mark currently teaches at Pacific University (Forrest Grove, Oregon) as Professor of Spanish Language. He is composing his second Flamenco Guitar Album and working on a project that introduces Flamencos complex musical communication to beginner Flamenco enthusiasts

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