Escuela de Ritmo to become a 501c3 Non Profit

GoFundMe Campaign for Escuela de Ritmo Non Profit Startup

Exciting news for friends of Escuela de Ritmo as well as the community we serve—February 2016, we begin the process of changing our status to 501c3 Non-Profit!! As our mission states, we would like to better serve the community. Changing to non-profit will allow us to better provide a deep understanding of Flamenco’s roots by teaching it’s traditions and culture while providing fans with the 5-star quality showcase events of talent that they love.

We need your help to get the process in motion so that we meet our deadline of completion in March 2016. We have set-up a GoFundMe account to collect donations that will pay for the services of a professional to prepare the legal paperwork as well as the fee that goes to the IRS to get our non profit status. Your donations are greatly appreciated AND tax deductable!!

Click on the link below to donate to the GoFundMe Campaign:

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