video Sin Fronteras: dancer Christina La Tetera


EDR student Christina bailando por tangos

Sin Fronteras:

December 11th Hispanic Cultural Center, Nampa 7p

December 12th the Boise Hive, 6pm
Without limits. Without boundaries. Sin fronteras.
Join us as dancer Christina ‘La Tetera’ shares her interpretation of Sin Fronteras through dance.

‘Because Flamenco is more than a dance. You have to feel it. You have to live it. You have to breath it. Flamenco is where you find family, community, friends, long lasting relationships…it is where you find magic. Flamenco mesmerizes us, it illuminates. It causes us to let go of inner and outer limitations involved with love, work or life. So that we can begin to share many boundless moments connected to something completely pure, something sin fronteras,something that can only be describe as and through Flamenco’ -Luis de La Tota


watch a video about Christina by clicking g on her photo above!!

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