Fall Season has arrived!!!

Hi EDR friends and family

We are slowly but surely reorganizing ourselves here at Escuela de Ritmo Flamenco after 2 months in Europe. Most of the time we were in Spain but there were a couple detours that we will highlight with photos soon.

Most important I want to let everyone in the Boise area know that we are back, and ready to share Flamenco with you! Be it through classes or performance.

Carpe Danza Studio 1736 W. Main St Boise, ID

Saturday 11-12 p Flamenco 101 -is a class for all levels but especially good for those with no flamenco experience. We work on positioning the body, graceful arm movements, simple marking patterns, clapping flamenco rhythms and we begin to develop the focus necessary to proceed to my choreography sessions. The class repeats every week. Students have enough time to learn at their own pace. It feels like a light aerobic workout as we keep moving the whole class time. Price: 8$ a class with punchcard purchase   Dropin 10$

Saturday 10-11am Flamenco en Familia- In Andalusia children are taught an appreciation for flamenco through games that incorporate flamenco rhythms and dance. This class is an energetic cultural experience for the whole family. Ages 3 and up can learn how to clapp, stomp their feet, sing songs in Spanish and as well as listen to Flamenco music while playing fun games. Price: 8$ with punchcard purchase allows 1 adult w/up to 2 children. 10$ drop/in

In other news..

We are deeply saddened by the loss of the Boise International Market. This is where we had planned to teach classes this fall season. We had also scheduled performances. So many people were affected by the fire-people that were already struggling to build a business here in Boise. We are going to support the vendors that lost in the fire by performing with EDR’s Shimi Tree. 

Although caught off gaurd and scrambling to readjust, EDR was graciously invited to continuing holding their Saturday classes at the Carpe Danza Studio. We are glad that we can continue on –we still plan to go back to the International Market when it is rebuilt. We would love to provide Flamenco classes for both venues! 

We still need your support –come to our performances try out our classes share the links I have provided 

Thank you!!

September 25th Friday 4:45-5:30p Boise International Market 4th Friday FundraiserThere are many performance groups participating. The event is from 4-8pm there will be food trucks and a local brewery. Parking is limited so carpool, ride a bike, walk or cab!https://www.facebook.com/events/1451009615206786/

September 26th Saturday 7-9pm Shangri La Tea Room. Shimi Tree Flamenco Rumberos featuring Luis de La Tota of Jerez de la Frontera Spain! Enjoy food items off of the vegetarian menu. Try one of the several delicious teas from their extensive tea list or relax with beer or wine from their drink menu. All ages welcome. Suggested donation 5-8$  https://www.facebook.com/events/927277417345474/

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