¡Boise ID! 7-8 Feb Dance Workshop w/ Mitsue ‘La Pura’ from Portland OR!!!


Beginning Level


3 hours Total/60 dollars per student

February 7/8 Saturday-Sunday


to sign up or for questions

contact Estefanía –


Bio Mitsue Johnson ‘La Pura’

Mitsue has studied Flamenco dance for many years in Japan, the United States and now in Spain with such renowned instructors as Domingo Ortega, Maria Bermudez, Rafael Campallo, Luis de La Tota and Laurena Marrone.Mitsue offers the student an authentic Flamenco experience highlighted by excellent technique, professionalism, and comprehension of theBaile and Cante.Mitsue was the first dancer to be awarded a solo performance through Solo Flamenco’s non-profit organization.She has performed alongside many accomplished artists including Luis and Ali de La Tota, Jesu Esperanza Vicente Griego, Ricardo Diaz, Jaime del Rio and Laurena Marrone. Mitsue carries on the tradition and foundation nurtured by Laurena since 1999 through her expressive, passionate and Jerez-influenced Flamenco style.

What students and people who have studied with her are saying about her teaching style:

My Saturday Workouts are all Flamenco! – I have been in many of the worlds top notch flamenco classes over the last thirty years taught by those who are considered the best. Upon moving to Portland I was happy and surprised to find a gem that ranks with these! Solo Flamenco is now my home away from home,and I feel lucky to have discovered this place. Mitsue is both talented and knowledegable on the subject. Come to think of it, I believe her heart even beats to the compas! The sign of a true artist. She is a dedicated and inspired teacher that doesn’t seem to tire and is fueled by the fun we all have doing this work. For anyone remotely interested, I must say this is the best place to start-in a kind of non-diva atmosphere. So stop by and see for yourself; don’t let fear stop you. This experience is well worth it! ~Glen

Flamenco in Portland, OR – I have been a student at Solo Flamenco for many years and love it. Mitsue is a caring, thoughtful, non-competitive teacher who strives to deliver quality Flamenco here in Portland. We often have live guitar and cante(singing) accompaniment during class, allowing us to experience all dimensions of Flamenco.~DDP Student

Mitsue not only just teaches you the steps but teaches you to incorporate your heart and soul into the movements in synchronization with the music. The casual classroom, loving teacher, and passionate students makes the classes fly by!~Kenshi

Mitsue, the instructor of class is wonderful. She is passionate, energetic,graceful,and funny. I really enjoy all the time. She is always nice and kind to all student no matter how much experience you have. Also, all students are great! They are very friendly and supportive even if I don’t speak good English. I’m so glad I’m a student of Solo Flamenco, whit out that my life is not shinning enough.~Yuki

How do you say hott in spanish? – I started taking beginner’s classes at Solo Flamenco in October, 2008. I wasn’t very good but I was also really excited about finally finding an outlet for a long time interest and really didn’t want to let myself quit, either. The people at Solo Flamenco made it easy to stick it out. Mitsue’s classes are rigorous and challenging, but she and her other students have also fostered a warm and welcoming community that really makes you want to try as hard as possible to get over that next hurdle. So, I guess I agree with Glen’s comment about a non-diva atmosphere, but I’d add that it hasn’t stopped Solo Flamenco from attracting the hottest (and coolest) Flamencas and Flamencos in Portland.
What’s more, Mitsue’s connections within the greater flamenco community (including across both the atlantic AND the pacific) mean that students are exposed to a wide range of world class talent, whether that be in the form of musical accompaniment during class or workshops taught by visiting instructors. students also get regular information on flamenco events around the city and region which let us get together under less sober (meaning more wine) circumstances than the classroom. I’m now taking three classes a week and get excited for every one of them.
Oh, and I’ll include this because it was big for me: if you speak japanese and are looking for more opportunities to use it, there’s a japan-flamenco connection that i haven’t quite figured out yet and Solo Flamenco is its Portland nexus.


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