Are we there yet?

Fishing boat docked in Puerto de Santa Maria
Fishing boat docked in Puerto de Santa Maria

Nope still docked at the port..but we’re ready for anything! Sunshine salty breezes gently rolling waves warm smiles We fear not rough waters nor grey skies. Through rhythm and dance, we can navigate through the turbulence of life’s stormy weather with grace and humor This is La Escuela de Ritmo-School of Flamenco –Where we all come to find inspiration              creativity           motivation         passion       strength           beauty     self awareness           community    truth     courage     confidence      friendship

We are based in Boise,Id and Jerez de La Frontera, Spain but you can find out where we are giving workshops/performances by checking our Performance/Workshop link!


Get to know who Luis de La Tota, Estefanía ‘La Ishi’ and our family by watching the video below:

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