Central Cultural Don Antonio Chacon—How to get there

Monday February 25th at 9 am at the Central Cultural Don Antonio Chacon we begin the first of the palmas/compas workshops with Luis de La Tota!We recorded video directions, however, we are having trouble uploading the video..I´m writing the instructions for anyone that might need them.

Coral de Los Reyes will be singing Thursday February 28th at the Central Cultural Don Antonio Chacon-and there´s no cover charge..it´s free entrada gratis!!! WOWOWOWOW!

  • From Plaza Arenal, take Calle Larga towards the Fina La Ina Fundador/old Gallo Azul Restaurant building.
  • Go to the LEFT of the building, crossing diagonally Calle Larga
  • Take the first street to the LEFT, Calle Algarve (a store, Bijou Brigette will be on the left side of the street and a clothing store on the right)
  • Take Calle Algarve all the till you get to the wine shop. You know you’re going the right way   because you will see a blued tiled  building when you enter the street.
  • Follow C Algarve all the way down take a RIGHT on Pasaje Algarve (you will see a wine shop on your left)
  • take the first LEFT from Pasaje Algarve (you should see a Children’s play ground on the right as you turn LEFT
  • Take first RIGHT and head towards the LEFT entering the Plaza Plateros
  • Walk straight through PLAZA PLATEROS passing the Gorila Bar keeping to your LEFT enter Calle Franco (you will see a store with lamps and light bulbs on your right as you enter C Franco)
  • Take Franco all the down passing La Dama Juana
  • At Cafe/BAR El Arriate keep following Calle Franco it will turn from a pedestrian only street to car/pedestrian
  • Calle Franco all the down until it ends at a church and Plaza San Juan
  • On your Left you will see the Fundacion de Flamenco
  •  Turn LEFT crossing in front of the Fundacion Flamenco and take a Left onto Calle San Juan
  • It will curve to the right (be careful walking! Cars drive towards you on this narrow street)
  •  Follow the curve and keep going straight on Calle San Juan
  • As you pass Plaza Malgarejo, you will see to your right a white and yellow building
  • this is the side of the Central Cultural Don Antonio Chacon!
  • the next right you take will put you in front of the building
  • Congratulations you made it!!!
Luis de La Tota dancing por buleria-Photo courteousy of Chris and Mitsue Johnson from Solo Flamenco Studios
Luis de La Tota dancing por buleria-Photo courteousy of Chris and Mitsue Johnson from Solo Flamenco Studios

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