With peace and joy for 2013


Zambomba de Tio Plajo 2012
Zambomba de Tio Plajo 2012

Some insane part of me thought that I would be able to celebrate the Christmas season (which is a month-long event starting December 1st) AND take pictures AND video AND write about it AND post it AND after worrying about it, freaking out a bit, and after a few glasses of anis, I decided:

WHAT THE HECK AM I TRYING TO DO? THIS SEASON IS FOR EXPERIENCING, ENJOYING, LOVING, LAUGHING, BREATHING FEELING ALIVE…I can give my self a bit of a break and step out from behind the camera to be apart of all the cheer and good will that vibrates in the air here in Jerez. It is my first year in Spain for the holidays and of course the first year for el niño Miguel. Right now there are so many new things, I’m too busy trying to absorb it all, consumed with wanting to live it all!

We do miss all of our friends and family in the USA. We pray for peace and love for the New year. We hope to circulate joy and positivity with every class, every picture, every report we produce here at Escuela de Ritmo.


  1. Flamenco Romántico Academy of Gypsy Flamenco Arts Academy of Gypsy Flamenco Arts Flamenco Romántic o Academy of Gypsy Flamenco Arts says:

    Ole tú. Que te disfrutas. Muchos besos. Marianna

    Sent from my iPhone Marianna Mejia, Flamenco Romantico 831-566-1927

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