Farewell and onto Festival Flamenco Gitano 2012 in San Francisco, LA, NYC!!!

We’ve said our farewell to Boise, the school, family and friends, and with a tear in our eyes we left for California where we have been since Wednesday. Hanging out in Santa Cruz with our friends Marianna and Freddie who are the owners of Flamenco Romantico Studio. The week has been full of sun, sea breezes,  and of course flamenco. Marianna gives class Wednesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays por Solea and Bulerías for all levels. Luis has been helping the class by playing the cajon with Freddie and sharing some Jerezano love with the locals. Ritmo Ritmo y mas Ritmo al stilo de la Tota.

We went to a Flamenco party Sunday night, where el Nene mio and Luis sang and danced with the Santa Cruz Flamenco scene–there was an over abundance of amazing food, music and people-Thank you Santa Cruz Flamencos we had fun! I didn’t take ANY pictures!!! I’m asking around for anyone that might have taken one or two that we can share here on the blog. Next up, Luis will join Diego del Morao a Kumbwaa Jazz Club in Santa Cruz. Then it’s on to San Francisco, LA and NYC for the Flamenco Festival Gitano.

If you feel like you have missed the Escuela de Ritmo boat, or if you are craving Luis’ fun filled flamenco rhythm and dance classes please stay tuned. Keep checking our site or add sign up to be on our mailing list. We will be adding a special membership feature to this site so that friends and students of flamenco and La Escuela de Ritmo can continue learning from Luis while he is on tour and while we are at our other home in Jerez de La Frontera Spain!

For those that are curious our estimated return is January 2013, where we will begin our winter session of Escuela de Ritmo in Boise and beyond!

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