aside We’re on our way back home (Spain)….but before we leave…

Bar Gitanería, Jerez Spain. Our neighborhood watering hole in Jerez. The word ‘Gitanería’ means more or less ‘doing things or living in the way of the Gypsies’

Summer is in full swing, Luis and I have been having a blast w/our students at La Escuela de Ritmo, all of their hard work and commitment has given us the opportunity to share some AMAZING flamenco moments!! Our last event in Boise for the month of July will be at the Power House then Luis will be off to California and I (Ichi) will be calling out to all ya’ll dancers left here in the City of Trees-we’ll see if we can get some classes in before I leave in my Caravana Ichi for Oregon.  We shall see if I can keep journaling and reciting our adventures abroad.

Lovin life en el Barrio Santiago–we always have a beer on the way home from running errands–care to join us sometime in Jerez?

We should be back by the end of August. Then September will be another run of events that Luis be excited to participate in San Francisco with Flamenco Festival Gitano (will add more info later)…THEN we plan to head back to Spain for a little while–but don’t worry, I plan to keep the flamenco love flowing through all of the cities we have passed through via guest artist workshops and so forth while we are away. All of that is too far away to worry about now…lets just get on with what and where we will be performing in the upcoming months! Read on below now is the time to soak up all of the Flamenco spirit Luis has to offer!!

July 19 Boise  Luis de La Tota & Escuela de Ritmo

July 21th Santa Barbara,CA Luis de La Tota 

Romería de Verano w/ the Linda Vega Dance Studio

July 25th Santa Barbara,CA Luis de La Tota at the Soho w/Linda Vega

July 28th Los Angeles Luis de La Tota Workshop Fiesta Gitana

July 30th-August 6th Santa Barbara  Luis de La Tota at 25th Anniversary Flamenco Festival w/Linda Vega check out the schedule here:

August 3rd Portland OR Estefanía ‘La Ichi’ El Conquistador Lounge 7:30-9:30p

August 4th Portland OR Estefanía ‘La Ichi’ Back Door Theatre-Noche Flamenca

 August 5th  Portland OR Estefanía ‘La Ichi’ Lents Farmer’s Market

August 17th Portland OR Luis de La Tota & Company at Wonder Ballroom Gallery

August 19th Eugene, OR Luis de La Tota & Company at Cozmic Pizzeria


The Royal Room w/Arte Flamenco

August 22nd

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