Amalia’s Journey

Estefanía Sanchez, Maestra at Escuela de Ritmo Flamenco and  her niece Amalia Rocio Romero have been awarded a  Traditional Arts Apprenticeship Grant (TRAAP) by the Idaho Arts Commission.


About  TRAAP

‘Apprenticeships are a learning partnership between a recognized master artist and a qualified apprentice which continues artistic traditions of a shared community. Traditional and folk arts are commonly learned by observation and practice within the family, tribe, occupational, or other group. Length of the apprenticeships must range from four to ten months and include a detailed work plan. TAAP strongly encourages applications from masters of traditional art forms practiced by only a few in their community, and requires applicants share the same cultural heritage.
A master artist has received peer recognition for achieving the highest level of artistry according to community standards. An apprentice needs to have some background in the art form, demonstrate a willingness to learn from the master, and indicate a commitment to practicing the art form

after the apprenticeship has been completed’ ~Idaho Commission on the Arts

img_1464Stay tuned for video, blogs and photos of Amalia’s Journey as she learns about the art form of Flamenco and shares her heritage with her community in Boise and the Northwest.

  1. Official Announcement. Learn about TRAAP, Formally meet Estefanía and Amalia
  2. Amalia’s Journey #1 Videos of Amalias first presentation after completing Session 1 at Art in the Park and a special photo by Greg Mauger
  3. Oregon Country Fair #2 July 1st was the official start of Amalia’s Apprenticeship. We kicked it off by taking her with Shimi Tree to Veneta, Oregon to perform ‘Flamenco Seed’ at the Gypsy Caravan Stage. Check out the full story and photos here