May 23-27th Boise Idaho: Dance Recital and Workshops!!!!!


Dance Recital will feature Christina de La Tetera a bourgeoning Flamenco dancer who’s backround is rooted in Ballet/Classical dance. She has been studying for the past 3 years with Luis de La Tota and La Ishi of Escuela de Ritmo. Other flamenco artists that Christina has studied under are Maria Bermudez, Mitsue La Pura, Pepe Torres and Jesus Munoz. Join us as we celebrate a dancer’s journey in a beautiful North End garden. Bring a bottle of wine or your favorite beverage and snack to the event. Cover is a 15 donation to help with travel costs for out of town performing artists. 

Thank you for supporting Northwest Flamenco Artists! Click on the link below to donate and reserve your seat at this event, seating is limited get your tickets today!

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Both workshops will focus on dance accompaniment they are reccomended for all levels, dancers, percussionists, enthusiasts, the curious and the Aficionado.

Compas with Luis de Tota May 23/24th — Dancer’s subidas and escobillas. Learning cues. This is a hands on class, dancer(s) will be present so that participants can practice clapping their hands in sync with the dancer has the tempo goes up, slows down and stops.  Price per student 15/hr 30 for both days. Reserve your space via PayPal Click on the ‘Buy Now’ button below

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Guitar w/ Mark Ferguson  24/25th     Guitarists will learn patterns for escobillas and will be guided through subidas, remates and an escobilla in the style of Alegrias and Tientos.     Price per student 15/hr. 30 both days Reserve your spot for the guitar workshop via Paypal by clicking on the ‘Buy Now’ button below

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Dancer’s interested in dancing in the classes contact La Ishi by emailing

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