Fall Season has arrived!!!

Hi EDR friends and family We are slowly but surely reorganizing ourselves here at Escuela de Ritmo Flamenco after 2 months in Europe. Most of the time we were in Spain but there were a couple detours that we will highlight with photos soon. Most important I want to let everyone in the Boise area … Continue reading

Saturday 11-12pm dance class @ Boise International Market w/La Ishi

Saturday 11-12pm dance class @ Boise International Market w/La Ishi

Learn arms, body and foot patterns for flamenco. Class is designed to build a foundation for those beginning in flamenco, body posture and grace for the experienced dancer. Ishi will teach simple marking steps, as well as clear combinations for arms and feet. The goal is to warm up stretch dance dance dance and cool … Continue reading

¡Boise ID! 7-8 Feb Dance Workshop w/ Mitsue ‘La Pura’ from Portland OR!!!

Beginning Level Tangos 3 hours Total/60 dollars per student February 7/8 Saturday-Sunday 11-12:30p to sign up or for questions contact Estefanía – nwfcollective@gmail.com Bio Mitsue Johnson ‘La Pura’ Mitsue has studied Flamenco dance for many years in Japan, the United States and now in Spain with such renowned instructors as Domingo Ortega, Maria Bermudez, Rafael Campallo, … Continue reading

What is a Zambomba Anyways?!?!?!?!?!?

This time of year in Spain-especially our home town of Jerez, every bar, neighborhood, peña and theatre is filled wall to wall with patrons, Flamenco Christmas songs called villancicos and the ubiquitous zambomba. I’ve always been curious of the origins of the instrument, as well as the word zambomba. This is a report I wrote in 2013, is … Continue reading